Ture Virtuale 360 Grade

për Hotele, Biznese dhe Restorante


A picture is worth a thousand words. A full screen 360° interactive panorama must be worth a million. At “Albania 360” we are dedicated to providing the best in high quality interactive 360° panoramic images. Exceptional care is taken during all steps of the process. Quality relies heavily on our expert post production, including image editing, assembly, color balance corrections, restoring scene details in highlights and shadows and other miscellaneous retouching.


Your clients can walk around, explore and interact with your business as if they were there.
Potential customers can view a restaurant, bar, club or hotel in a much better way then through traditional photography. A virtual tour makes a location more easy to understand.
People decide quicker to book a hotel/resort when they can form a good impression through a Virtual Tour. It is proven that 73% of the people who research their holiday accommodation online visit two or more websites before making a booking. When your website provides these potential visitors with good visualization, the customer can form a better and faster decision to book.